GarageBand iOS: How To Use GarageBand On iPhone & iPad

Garageband iOS, In simple it can be described as the one-stop destination for music composition. If you are an expert in composing music, then you can play Garageband like a toy to create new tracks. For beginners also Garageband is the best platform for practicing. Garageband iOS is not only for music experts and beginners, even if you don’t know the music you can learn it from Garageband music classes.

Garageband for pc is a specially designed inbuilt app for the iOS and macOS i.e, for the Apple devices. Using this application you can change your mobile as a recording studio. With this app, you can record, play, edit, add mixers and share. With the various instruments in the Garageband, it will be very easy for the user to compose the beautiful tracks.

GarageBand iOS

GarageBand latest version is with a new sound library, new Beat Sequencers like a drum machine and full iOS 11 support. You may find many music applications like Garageband, but never you can match the features of Garageband with other apps. Garageband is a unique app and running a virtual instrument in GarageBand was very simple.

Garageband iOS App Details

Garageband is an inbuilt application for Apple devices. Check below for more information about Garageband.

Name Of The Application GarageBand
GarageBand Developer Apple Distribution International
GarageBand Size 1.7 GB
GarageBand Category Music
GarageBand Compatibility iOS 12.1 or later

Compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch

Garageband Copyright 2011-2019 Apple Inc
Garageband Price Free
Garageband Type Digital Audio Workstation

How To Download GarageBand iOS

As we all Know that Garageband is an inbuilt app for iOS and macOS for the new version Apple devices. For the older version, you need to download the app from the App Store. For this follow the steps below

  • If Garageband is an inbuilt app on your iOS mobile, Just click on it to open and load noise into GarageBand.

Garageband for iPhone

  • For the older version Apple devices, just open the App Store.
  • Now enter your Apple ID to download the App Store applications.
  • Search for the Garageband app in the search bar. You will find the results below.
  • Now click on the first result to download and install.
  • After a successful installation. Open the Garageband and give all the required information if needed.
  • Now open the Garageband, use the instruments, tools to learn music and create the magic.

5 Reasons why the New GarageBand iOS Needs Your Attention

Multi-Take Recording –  with the track controls button and expand the recording section you can use the Garageband for multi-take recording.

Loads And Loads Of Effects –  with this slider and visual EQ, along with four extra slots you can bung anything from a bitcrusher to an impressive overdrive effect.

Alchemy Synth Magic – With this you can get an 8-way modular transformation pad, loads of dials, and two X/Y pads.

Smart Instruments Everywhere –  you can use any keyboard instrument, piano strip button, fast-track your way that sounds melodic.

Audio Units – you can add external effects, AU-compatible apps directly inside GarageBand’s.

Garageband Pros

  • With Garageband, you can select a large number of Smart Instruments.

Garageband for iOS

  • Garageband is an extremely straightforward track editor. You can edit any track very easily.
  • The selection of loops will be very easy out of many.
  • You can have the best Guitar input with the Garageband.
  • You can share the composed tracks to friends, social media sites, export to iTunes or via email.

Garageband Cons

  • Unless you hate music, you can’t find any cons with the Garageband applications.


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