Best Music Apps For iOS Devices {iPhone & iPad}

If you are searching for the best music apps for iOS, you can find the Garageband for pc app on your device. This is an inbuilt app for Apple devices. With this app, one can show their talent to the world. You can also get many music apps other than Garegband for your iOS device. Here in this article let us discuss the most popular music apps for iOS.

Nowadays music streaming services are getting more popular. Some apps let the users listen for free, some other charge a premium price, on the other hand, some music apps have both. There’s no shortage of music apps available on the app stores. Out of many apps, we have listed a few best music apps for iOS in this article.

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Best Music Apps For iOS

Here are the 3 best music apps for iOS devices. These apps you can download for free from the regular app stores. Now let us discuss one by one briefly.


Pandora Radio is one of the most popular music app which has a lot of users. It has the radio-style approach, where you enter a song or artist and it creates a “station” of music you’ll like based on that choice. Pandora Radio has both the free version and premium versions.  Pandora Radio free version is ad-supported. Pandora Radio has 30 million songs in its library. With the user-friendly interface, it is very easy to search for new music and podcasts.

Best Music app for iOS

Microsoft Groove

Microsoft Groove is one more popular music player app to play music on your iPhone. It is known as the Xbox Music and Zune Music. Microsoft Groove offers millions of songs to all music lovers. It also offers a simple interface with a very good audio quality music. It has 30 days free trial and you can subscribe to its paid version for only $9.99 per month.

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iHeart music player will give you a traditional radio experience. iHeart brings you live streams of radio stations from across the country. The iHeart also allows you to tune into news, talk, sports, and comedy stations. This app has access to podcast library. It also allows the users to download there favorite songs.

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These are some of the best music player apps for iOS. Get the best music players apps for Android with the similar features of Garageband for pc from our previous articles. Have a nice day, visit our for more information.

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