GarageBand iOS: How To Use GarageBand On iPhone & iPad

GarageBand iOS

Garageband iOS, In simple it can be described as the one-stop destination for music composition. If you are an expert in composing music, then you can play Garageband like a toy to create new tracks. For beginners also Garageband is the best platform for practicing. Garageband iOS is not only for music experts and beginners, … Read more

GarageBand For Mac: Best Mac Music Production Software

GarageBand For Mac

Garageband for Mac: In a single line, it is described as the best Mac music production software by Apple.  In the Garageband software, you can have more than 400 animal, machine, and voice sound effects which can be used to create the best music output. The new version of Apple’s Garageband software has music creation … Read more

The Best Podcast Recording Software for Mac

Podcast Recording Software

Podcast Recording Software: Podcasts resist the onslaught of everything new. They change the format, they are refocused for different audiences, the programs to be able to produce them evolve … but the original concept is still there and does not seem to want to leave until another format replaces it. And it doesn’t seem that … Read more

Import a Song From Music App to GarageBand for iPad

Garage Band for ipad

GarageBand for iPad: GarageBand allows you to record, make arrangements and mix music, and share it later with everyone. GarageBand includes a complete recording studio, a set of instruments and effects with professional quality and a huge library of prerecorded sounds that you can use in your projects. Whether you are an experienced musician or … Read more

How To Create Audio Recorder in GarageBand


GarageBand, an application developed by Apple itself. Its interface and even operation can be considered simple and intuitive but it has very advanced functions for, for example, creating songs. GarageBand app is an instrument and music app. You will know gargeband for pc details to the audio recorder in Garageband. Within this application, we can … Read more